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The Schüco Façade FW 50⁺ FR 60 has been tested in accordance with EN 1364-3 for use as an EI60 and EW60 fire-resistant façade. The system is based almost entirely on the Schüco FW  50⁺ BF 30-minute fire façade. The external face widths, which are identical to the Schüco FW 50⁺ Standard Façade, and the concealed transition from fire-resistant façade to standard façade,  offer maximum design freedom together with the necessary fire resistance properties. In accordance with the fire resistance class, the Schüco ADS 80 FR 60 Fire Protection Series can be integrated into the façade as an insert unit (in Germany only with project-specific approval). The overall portfolio is rounded off by the classification report and the system approval as proof of the properties from the DIN EN 13830 product standard.